Lend a Bike to Our Front-Liners. Fight Covid-19

What a turn-of-events in the Philippines. The rising pandemic of Corona virus or Covid-19 in t...

2 months ago
by doncadavona

I Finally Raced the Downhill/Enduro Tracks of Patiis

My first time riding the downhill tracks of Patiis in San Mateo, Rizal was one of my most mem...

6 months ago
by doncadavona

Youtube Mountain Biking Videos! #SubscribeToDon

Head to my Youtube channel at I have a playlist called "Wika ng MTB (Mount...

9 months ago
by doncadavona

Maligayang Pagdating!

Wazaak! Mga kapadyak! Maligayang pagdating sa website ng Wika ng MTB! Ang munting likha para sa mga...

10 months ago
by doncadavona

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Maligayang Pagdating!

2 months ago By Cadavona, Don