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Pedal HQ's Rider Profile Series in 2019 was slick. It featured many riders across the country, each with their badass intros to cracky jokes. Reading the profiles was an inspiration. You get to discover the local mountain bikers in the Philippines in satisfyingly witty magazine-like words.

I got featured as Rider #68, Batch 6 of the series on July 17, 2019. That day also happened to be Wika ng MTB's 1st anniversary (may ganon), and, I had a mini-eureka! Stories like these would look great when formatted, like making some texts pop more. On Facebook thou, it's impossible. So, the series was an inspiration for making the Stories feature of It allows users to post stories in Rich Text format.

So why not just use Medium? Well, it was an inspiration as well. But that's American, and we're pro-local here :). The question was more like, "Why can't we have our own?". It would be fun too.

Back to the Rider Profile Series, please enjoy this repost (a mini-remaster attempt) of my Rider Profile by Pedal HQ:

Wika ng MTB

This may not sound familiar now, well not just yet, but this rider will do almost anything he can to promote his Facebook Page, Youtube channel and biking in general. Watch out for this upcoming content creator!

In the current global reach of biking, using a Filipino word/name for your page/channel seems odd but that's exactly what he intends to achieve - to be different, have an international appeal and still look back to his roots. He was born in Manila, raised in Bangui, Ilocos Norte, now living in Quezon City (QC) and working as a Software Engineer. His weekends are mostly spent honing his bike skills and exploring any trail from QC to Rizal to almost any nearby province he can reach. Of course, extra free time is also dedicated to making and editing video content to share to everyone. So let's all speak the language of biking and warmly welcome, Mr. Wika ng MTB... Don Garen Cadavona.

Rider Profile Series

Batch 6
#68 Don Cadavona


  • Don Cadavona


  • Don

Zodiac Sign:

  • Pisces

Birth Year (or Fave decade): 1994

Current/Fave Town or City:

  • Quezon City

Current/Fave Bike:

  • Giant Trance 2 2018

Riding Style or Discipline:

  • All-Mountain

No. of Years Riding: 2+

Who or what encouraged you to bike?

My father loves motocross, got a mountain bike sometime in late grade school. I broke my left elbow on a motorcycle crash in 2015. Upon my elbow's partial recovery, I just missed the spirit of riding, but motorcycling was traumatic for me at the time. So I thought of mountain biking. That, I had no idea where to start again, so I seeked help from my friends at Pasuquin Mountain Bikers and Bangui Cycling Club, they gave me tips and advices on bikes and parts.

Favorite Trail or Route

  • Patiis
  • Timberland
  • Army Trail

Team Affiliations

  • Bangui Cycling Club
  • Pasuquin Mountain Bikers
  • Pedal HQ

Favorite Pro Bikers (Local & Foreign)

  • Arianna Dormitorio
  • Danny Hart (foreign)
  • Roja Burgos

Bike Events or Awards

  • 7-Eleven Trail 2018 Finisher (40KM)
  • 7-Eleven Trail 2019 Finisher (40KM)
  • Balagbag Enduro Attack 2 finisher
  • 17th Breaking Away Mountain Bike Challenge Finisher

Most Memorable Bike Experience

My first times. 7-Eleven Trail 2018 was my first event:

When Roja Burgos invited me to Patiis, I realized Downhill is scary:

Other Hobbies or Passion

  • gaming
  • music
  • programming

Tips or Message for Bikers

"Huwag mahihiyang magtanong, unahin ang kaligtasan."

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