Lend a Bike to Our Front-Liners. Fight Covid-19

Don Cadavona
Mar 25 · 1 min read

What a turn-of-events in the Philippines. The rising pandemic of Corona virus or Covid-19 in the Philippines has driven the government to quarantine Luzon. You all know the situation by now. This photo of a nurse on a bicycle can tell it.

Photo by Tito Jonas Sulit

One of our front-liner, "Ate Nurse", as Kimi Grande shares, here, we can see that she may

not be that prepared, but she is unstoppable. Sadly, many do not have a bicycle to use.

Mag bayanihan! You can lend your bikes to our front-liners so they can ride to their stations.

Join the Lend A Bike Project Facebook Group and see how you can start.

Image by Lend A Bike Project

Stay at home, wash your hands and do not panic!

May God bless our front-liners and us all.

Written by
Don Cadavona

Mar 25, 2020, 15 views